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Transferring a Title on a Washington Vehicle

If you purchased a Washington State titled vehicle or received one as a gift you are required to transfer the title within 15 days of acquisition whether or not the vehicle is operational or you will incur a monetary penalty. ($50 on the 16th day and increasing by $2/day until a max of $125). 

To obtain a quote for transfer of a title for a Vehicle or Vessel you have purchasedplease email the following information to 

  • Year/Make /Model
  • Vin
  • Purchase Price
  • Purchase Date
  • Your Address


The cost to transfer a title on a Truck/Automobile/ORV/ATV is
$42.00 plus sales tax if applicable.

The cost to transfer a title on a Trailer is $35.50 plus sales tax if applicable.

The cost to transfer a title on a Vessel is $26.50 plus sales tax if applicable.

Sales tax is not applicable on gift transactions if proof is submitted that shows the previous owner already paid Washington sales tax. However, a vehicle may not be gifted twice in a row with a tax benefit.

Other costs to transfer a title with registration include license plate and registration fees, excise taxes, transportation fees, etc.
Please contact us before sending a check.

To transfer the title you need to bring in the following items:

  • The current title with the any/all Registered owner's signature(s) releasing ownership as well as any Legal owners  signature(s)releasing ownership .
  • A Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale stating the full purchase price or a statement of gift signed by the previous owner. The purchase price, or if you received the vehicle as a gift, the word "Gift" may be written in the sales price area.
  • A completed Odometer Disclosure Form if the vehicle is 2011 or newer.
  • Value Source: If you purchased a vehicle for much less than Blue Book retail value taxes are generally due on the fair market retail value as determined by the Department of Revenue. If your vehicle has documented mechanical issues, you will need to provide a signed Declaration of Buyer and Seller Regarding Value of Used Vehicles Sold to demonstrate to the Dept. of Revenue why the vehicle was sold at less than retail value. This form is then sent to the DOR and reviewed.