Q: What information do I need to re-register my Vehicle/vessel?

A: Photo ID and your renewal notice or previous registration. Sometimes we are able to look up your Vehicle/Vessel with just your Name & Address.

Q:Can someone else pick up my tabs?

A: Yes. If they have the same last name or address on their ID. Otherwise we would need an authorization note from you that gives permission for them to pick up your tabs. Be specific and list their name as well as the Year/Make/Model/VIN. Sign the letter and include your Drivers license number.

Q: Can I get my Drivers License there?

A: No. We are Vehicle/Vessel Licensing. Drivers licensing is located across the road by Safeway in Smokey Point. 

You can find them at:

3704 172nd St NE, Suite K1,

Arlington, WA 98223

Q: How much is a replacement title?

A: There are 3 answers. A title can be replaced in office for $35.50 and sent in the mail from Olympia in 4-6 weeks. You can obtain a "Quick Title" from our office, same day, for $85.50. And for certain circumstances an "Affidavit in Lieu of Title" can be purchased for $15 and could be used in lieu of the Title along with a Bill of sale. Call us to discuss which one is right for you.

Q: Do I need an Emissions test?

A: Emissions tests are no longer required in the State of Washington

Q: Where can I find information regarding Specialized/Personalized plates?

A: For a great resource for both Click HERE. Please note that we can only process Specialized plates in office (backgrounds). For personalized plates, download the form and mail a check for $84.75 to the address listed.

Q: How can I get a duplicate Title?

A: You can obtain either a Standard or Quick title through our office. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Q: Do I need to do a report of sale?

​A: You are required by law to file a report of sale when you sell, donate or give up ownership of a vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes, registered off-road vehicles, travel trailers, boat trailers, etc.)

Filing will protect you from being held liable for towing charges or civil and criminal liabilities incurred by the new owner. The new owner must transfer the ownership into their name.

You will need the name and address of the person or organization who took ownership of the vehicle. The fee to report the sale of a vehicle is $13.25

Vessel reports of sale must be completed and faxed to the State at 360.570.7873. This does not have to be done in our office and there is no fee. 

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