How to replace a title

  • Complete an Affidavit of Loss form.
  • Have all of the registered owners sign the form and get it notarized.
  • Bring the completed form and fee to our office.


  •  Mail the completed form and fee (check payable to DOL) to our office. Be sure to verify that your return mailing address is correct, if not you must first change it HERE. We highly recommend sending your forms and payment priority mail or 2nd Day so that you can track it. Also, for Quick Titles, Send a postage paid return Priority/2nd day Envelope that can be tracked as well.

There are two options for replacing a title.

Standard process title - The title mailed to you within 8–10 weeks.

The fees for a standard title are:

  • Vehicle replacement titles cost $35.50.
  • Trailer replacement titles cost $35.50.
  • Vessel replacement titles cost $26.50.

Quick Title - The title is mailed or given to you immediately:

  • Vehicle replacement titles cost $85.50.
  • Trailer replacement titles cost $85.50.
  • Boats cost $76.50

Note - You cannot get Quick Titles for:

  • Out of state vehicles
  • Vehicles or boats reported stolen.
  • Insurance or wrecker destroyed vehicles and boats.
  • Vehicles with a "WA rebuilt" on the title.

For more information contact us at: or Call 360.691.9556

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Please note:

This section includes instructions for obtaining a Duplicate title for a vehicle previously Registered/Titled in Washington State.

For help obtaining a title for a vehicle from another state, contact the issuing states Department of Motor Vehicles.

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